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Setting Up Buildinator

To setup Buildinator, follow these steps:
  1. Download the latest Buildinator release, which should include the following files:
    • msbuild.tasks.buildinator.dll - the Buildinator MSBuild Task assembly
    • buildinator.proj - sample MSBuild file to wire-in as a TFS Build job to run Buildinator whenever configuration files change
    • build.config file - XML file where you create your simplified references
    • build-definitions.config file - XML file where you compose your canonical build definitions (aka Macros, or Templates)
    • GetSourceAndRunMSBuild.xaml - simplified TFS Build workflow used by Buildinator
  2. In your TFS Project source, create a folder under $/BuildProcessTemplates named Buildinator
  3. Add the GetSourceAndRunMSBuild.xaml file to $/BuildProcessTemplates, and the other files to the $/BuildProcessTemplates/Buildinator folder and check them in
  4. Edit the build.config file as you see fit; note that it references the build-definitions.config file where you can adjust or create new XML sections that fit your environment
  5. Create a TFS Build definition manually--to run the GetSourceAndRunMSBuild.xaml workflow when anything changes in the $/BuildTemplates/Buildinator folder
  6. Test, revise, refine, test again... add more builds to the build.config file


Note: This product includes software developed by ThoughtWorks, Inc. ( Portions are Copyright (c) 2005 ThoughtWorks, Inc. All rights reserved. Namely, the open-source XML preprocessor logic from the CruiseControl.NET distribution. For more information, see the License-README.txt file in the preprocessor folder.


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